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  1. Nei, vurderte å beholde de men jeg er åpen for bud. Sent from my E5823 using Tapatalk
  2. Just so you know, the 13 and the 14 are very different rods. I would stay away from the 14. Sent from my D5803 using Tapatalk
  3. I have a #8 intermediate body for sale. Has been my backup line and only been on the water once.
  4. Hi, I would like to try something here. Maybe later I'll somehow offer this against a small fee but for now I'd just like to see if people are as interested in this as much as I am. To find out I'd like to offer my special "flyfishing service" to the first 10 people for free. I'm good with numbers and because the winter is long I started to collect all the data that I thought could in any way be related to salmon catches on Gaula. So that's of course catches per day, weight, type of redskap etc but also much more for instance water flow and temp, air temp, air pressure, wind direction, moon phase...you name it. I realized that this allows me to answer an incredible number of questions. Just some random examples: -On what day of the week do people catch most salmon? -How many fish did Matt Hayes catch in 2010? -Which is the best fly fishing beat on Gaula between July 1 and July 10? -What water level can I expect in the first week of August? -How many fish were caught each year since 2000? -Where does Jan Erik Granbo catch all his fish? (No worries Jan Erik, I won’t tell...! smile emoticon) -Are more fish caught in cloudy or sunny weather? -What is the best moon phase to catch storlaks on sluk? -Depending on the snow cover in the mountains right now, when should I book my vacation? -Who was the most successful fly fisherman in the 2010 season? What rank was I? -etc... So here is the deal. The first 10 people who write a comment below can send me a pm with their question and I'll answer for free. Please remember, all my data refers to Gaula! And I can't answer questions like "what's the best fly?" because there is no data for it. The picture attached is one of the very easy things that can be done.
  5. LTS Across 15. 4500kr Guideline Exceed 12,9 8/9. Gi bud. Guideline Exceed 14,8 10/11. Gi bud. Guideline Quadra 810. Gi bud. Guideline Haze V2 810. Gi bud. Nautilus NV 10/11. 3500kr. (Ny 9499 på skittfiske akkurat nå.) Kan byttes i 10' 7er stang.
  6. Even though it's unlikely that I will convince you or that you will convince me it's still good to have the discussion here so other people can read it and make up their own mind (and theories). :-) The Across is quite a deep rod. Now to pull the line of out the water you have to bend it pretty much all the way into the cork. I'm really not sure if it makes sense to talk about the time difference here but you will certainly have to move the rod a longer distance to bend it that far compared to me and my Method with the faster action. Now this is much exaggerated but I felt a little like I had to drag the top 2/3 of the Across back without getting any help from it. Alright, I think that's enough from me and I really don't want to argue that the Across is not a good rod, because it certainly is. But if I'm going to get one for myself it will be the 14'6 Light and I'll fish it with floating lines. I haven't fished the 15' Cross S1 but I heard good things about it. (I had the 14' but I would not recommend that one to anybody.) Also the 15' Reaction I have never casted. I think I've never seen anybody having one actually...
  7. Hi Ørjan! I don't mind that you disagree with me. And if you can help me to fish in Alta then I'll certainly come and we can discuss on the water! :-) As a wrote I casted the rods side by side with identical lines (1/3/5) for a long time and I'm surprised that somebody else who has both rods wouldn't feel the same way. Maybe it's technique... What I think is that it's not the tip of the rod that lifts the line out of the water but the lower 2/3. The tip would never be strong enough for that anyways. Same as with the casting. By the way, I still have my Across for sale if anybody starts thinking about the June fishing already.
  8. Still available but trying to get rid of it so open for offers.
  9. Only the Loomis line and the Cortland still available. The Cortland is a #7 I forgot to mention. But will cast well on a #6 rod.
  10. Selling my Across. Grey version. Great rod and like new! NEW PRICE. 4990kr Pickup in Bergen or buyer covers shipping.
  11. Just send another message. I see it right away on my phone!
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