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  1. Gå til fluen Dobbs Norwegian Blue This fly emulates a mayfly spent spinner. Some choose to tie with white wings and black poly wing casing but I find this variant works better and looks more realistic.
Originally taken from a pattern created by the amazing Barry Ord: 
 [...Les mer] Fluebinder Christopher Richard Dobbs Publisert 23. October 2021 17:20:17  
  2. Gå til fluen Classic March Brown Mayfly Rhithrogena germanica is a European species of mayfly, and is probably the most famous of all British mayflies because of its use in fly fishing. It is known in the British Isles as the March brown mayfly, a name which is used in the United States for a different species, Rhithrogena morrisoni. It emerges as a subimago (ready to mate) at the end of winter, and can be distinguished from similar species by a dark spot on the femur of each leg.
 [...Les mer] Fluebinder Christopher Richard Dobbs Publisert 15. September 2021 11:46:38  
  3. Ok yes I saw that was available so will buy that ASAP Thanks 😊
  4. I would prefer trout but up for anything really !
  5. Hi all ! I live in Snarøya Oslo and wondered which lakes/rivers in the Oslo area are good for fly fishing. Have tried Burudvannet but seems to be only very small critters there. Sorry for English but I speak and read fluent Norsk, just not good at written 👍
  6. I visited Glitredammen not long ago and looks to be fenced in all around. Is there a way to to get to the waters edge or is it forbidden?
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