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fly fishing Hattfjelldal – July

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Hello fluefiskerer,

first of all sorry for writing in english but i am not so into norsk language for writing a complete article.

I am a fly fishing nerd from germany and i am planning a tour in the area around the Børgefjell/Hattfjelldal for July.

The big tour (8 days) is planned already for the northern part of Børgefjell we will do some hiking without waders there. And hopefully find some nice places for dry fly fishing for brown trout.

Our problem is we are complete new to the area around the northern part of Børgefjell and Hattfjelldal.

We are looking for two fishing spots more – one for pike and one for trout.

Maybe someone of you has a hint for us where to find nice fly fishing there.

tight lines,


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